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jackyjoy123 07.01.2021 17:37

Assign value to attribute dynamically ?.

There is a problem with assigning a value to the data-index attribute.
We write a word in the input field. It is necessary that the same entered word (or phrase) be dynamically substituted into the data-index value of the corresponding table cell by clicking on the Submit button (from the window that appears by clicking on the New data cell).
The following is necessary:
1) A universal option (not for one cell, as in my example, but for any number of such cells with the data-index attribute)
2) So that when the page is reloaded, the value of the attribute does not disappear.


laimas 08.01.2021 00:30

Запрос конечно не хилый, только не понятно в контексте чего все это. И уж очень похоже на спам.

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