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пасоныы, мне письмо пришлоо

Hi iMaxmaxmaximus ,

Excuse the direct approach but I was reviewing your Github profile and had noticed you have made some contributions in javascript and wanted to have a deeper discussion with you regarding your background and interests.

The reason for the contact is I wanted to have a chat with you regarding an opportunity I have for a frontend developer for one of Denmark's most successful start ups of the last 10 years Podio.

Maybe you already know a little about them but if not I should mention they are putting together a social and project management tool which is growing at an incredible implementation rate amongst the small business community on a global scale.

A new project has come for the team which will mean the front end team will go from 5 to 10 people over the next couple of months. I fully appreciate you have a good job right now and that changing position is not usually top priority when you have lots of work to do but I would be really interested to give you more of a heads up on what's happening at Podio in the near and long term future.

The kind of person they would look for can make magic happen with javascript, loves to work with modern MVC frameworks, is extremely passionate about turning complex technical solutions into simple, easy to use beautifully designed apps. Equally this person should not only be technically ahead of the game but enjoys a good work life balance, sociable, and wants to gets the most out of the experience of livng abroad as they do about great career progression.

They will invite you for a full day in Copenhagen ( paid of course and recently voted the world's most livable city by Monocle lifestyle magazine ) to let you see what it's like with the team which has been assembled from some great guys from all over the world so obviously the main spoken language is English, and full relocation payments, visa handling is all taken care of by Podio

I have added a link to show more information for you to have a look at as well.

Would this be something that would be interesting for you to hear a little more about? If so please let's take the first step to have an informal chat by skype/phone and I can tell you more about the process as well life in beautiful Copenhagen !

Look forward to hearing from you soon, but otherwise have a nice week!
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