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exec, Вроде бы все работает, если я не ошибаюсь.
Jesus, как вариант что-то вроде этого:
jQuery.fn.tablesort = function(options) {
    switch (options) {
        case 'remove': return this.each(function(){
            jQuery('tbody > tr', this).add(this).unbind('.tablesort');

        default: return this.each(function() {
            options = jQuery.extend({}, options);

            // The first order of business is to bind a function to the mousedown event
            jQuery(this).addClass('tablesort').find('tbody > tr').unbind('.tablesort').bind('mousedown.tablesort', function(e) {
                // store jQuery(this) tr element in a variable to allow faster access in the functions soon to be declared
                var self = this,
                    tr = jQuery(self),
                    rows = jQuery('tr', tr.parent()),
                    start = rows.index(self);

                // Add to TR element drag-marking class
                tr.one('mousemove.tablesort', function(){

                // jQuery has a fantastic function called mouseenter() which fires when the mouse enters
                // This code fires a function each time the mouse enters over any TR inside the tbody -- except jQuery(this) one
                rows.not(self).bind('mouseenter.tablesort', function(e) {
                    if ( this.rowIndex === self.rowIndex ) return;
                    // Check position of old tr to see whether to pop this before or after
                    // If jQuery(this) index greater than tr index, we are moving DOWN the page and
                    // insert tr after jQuery(this), where jQuery(this) is the tr that is being hovered over.
                    // If jQuery(this) index lower than tr index, we are moving UP the page and insert tr before jQuery(this).

                    if ( this.rowIndex > self.rowIndex ) {
                    } else {

                // Clear garbage, 'cause we have closures
                rows = null;

                // Now, bind a function that runs on the very next mouseup event that occurs on the page
                // This checks for a mouse up *anywhere*, not just on table rows so that the function runs even
                // if the mouse is dragged outside of the table.
                jQuery('body').one('mouseup.tablesort', function() {
                    // Remove from TR element drag-marking class and one-time-run bind, if needed

                    // Remove the mouseenter & mousemove events from the tbody so that the TR element stops being moved
                    var rows = jQuery('tr', tr.parent()).removeClass('tablesort-drag').unbind('mouseenter.tablesort'),
                        end = rows.index(self);

                    if (start !== end && options.change) {
                        var thread = rows.get().slice(Math.min(start, end), 1 + Math.max(start, end));
                        if (start > end) thread.reverse();

                    // Make text selectable for IE again with
                    // The workaround for IE based browsers
                    if (jQuery.browser.msie) {


                // This part if important. Preventing the default action and returning false will
                // Stop any text in the table from being highlighted (this can cause problems when dragging elements)

                // The workaround for IE based browers
                if (jQuery.browser.msie) {
                    jQuery(document).bind('selectstart.tablesort', function() {
                        return false;

                //return false;
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