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Looking for Senior Java Developer, Java Team Lead
You will be developing various components of large distributed storage cloud system. No EE stuff. No GUI stuff. The closest analog to what we're doing here is Amazon S3 and Amazon Simple Notification Service.

In order to qualify you must:
- strong knowledge of "core java"
- concurrency, understanding how threads work on *nix systems
- actual experience developing highly distributed fault-tolerant systems
- knowledge of L4-7 network protocols, linux architecture and filesystems' design
- understanding of JRE/javac internals

Bonus skills to have:
- experience with large sets of data (including "hot" in-memory sets)
- experience with Apache Hadoop stack of technologies (Hbase, HDFS)
- knowledge of JNA/JNI
- C/C++ knowledge

When Applying
It's important to understand that you do not have to meet all the requirements listed in actual job positions in order to join our team. All you need is to be really passionate, smart and eager to learn. We have Junior positions for most of Senior counterparts.
- don't forget to tell us how cool and awesome you are
- hobby-projects count
- code samples/github links would be nice

Working Environment & Benefits

competitive salary
flexible working schedule
medical insurance
gym memberships
bureaucracy-free environment
state-of-the-art workplace with powerful pc and dual monitor set-up
some heavy partying upon product launch or significant milestone completion

Skype: pearl16161
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