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Large international game company looking for Senior DevOps Engineer
You are: A tech spectacular: with at least a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and several years of scripting experience, you've returned from the jungle of entry-level tech with a broad range of system technology knowledge; you're pro with Linux operating systems Up to code: you've installed all the most recent updates, keeping your mental drivers up-to-date with shell, awk, perl, and php scripting; you've worked with distributed caching solutions and data grids in the past, so you're familiar with the core concepts of object oriented programming Adaptable: you're the apex predator of the tech world, able to rapidly change direction when priorities shift, stay focused on the most relevant prey and evolve to take it down; experience working with agile methodologies like Scrum will put you ahead of the curve Player-focused: you love playing video games, so you know that one of the worst feelings in the world is discovering that the server's down; you'll strive to keep theLeague of Legends infrastructure humming, so that doesn't happen

You will: Develop and deliver creative solutions that'll automate systems engineer functions Help troubleshoot and solve issues with hardware, applications, and network components Collaborate with a team of developers on local projects and with teams across international boundaries for larger releases Evaluate and implement hardware and software technologies to improve game efficiency and performance

Tech Specs: You have a broad range of system engineering and build engineering experience, including the following: Monitoring (nagios, cacti, zabbix) and metric/analytic systems (grafana, elasticsearch, logstash, kibana) Familiarity with HA – LVS, Apache, Nginx, PXE, snmp, dns, dhcp/bootp, nfs, etc.

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