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Старый 05.09.2012, 16:43
Новичок на форуме
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Web UI JavaScript Developer
Purpose of the job:

Lohika is the IT Company, which provides premium software development solutions to top technology companies with breakthrough innovation. Headquartered in San Bruno, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, we are presented in Ukraine in Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv. Company has more than 500 engineers employed. We have experience of service delivery for customers such as eBay, Skype, Marktplaats, CISCO/Ironport, Macrovision and Hewlett-Packard. Since our business expands we are looking for experienced Web UI JavaScript Developer to join our company in Lviv office, a project related to Digital Media. You will have a possibility to work on a very interesting and challenging project, dealing with UI and server-side part of it.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

Develop high quality enterprise product
Develop functional prototypes to demonstrate concepts

Education, Skills and Experience:

3+ years experience in hard-core JavaScript
Proficiency in JavaScript OOP programming
Practical experience with HTML5 and CSS3
Knowledge of JS frameworks
Knowledge of JSON, and JSONP, and even JSONPP
Participation in a large and small web-projects
Experience in creating front-end architecture from scratch
Java programming background is a plus
Contributing to opensource projects is a plus
Experience in TDD is a plus

Personal competencies:

Result-oriented skills
Oral/written communication skills
Team-playing skills
Personal motivation

Lohika benefits:

• Friendly and highly professional teams
• Lohika employee, not ’project employee’ approach
• Flexible working hours with no overtimes
• Regular (twice a year) performance reviews
• Comfortable office facilities (kitchens, gyms, sport activities, yoga, lounge rooms, coffee machines etc.)
• Fully paid English classes (twice per week) with own English teachers
• 20 working days of annual paid vacation
• Christmas holidays (1-9 January and 18-19 January) and state holidays celebration
• 5 Lohika days off
• Paid sick-leaves
• Medical insurance
• Incentives (marriage, childbirth)
• Gym, yoga, other sport activities
• Bonuses for internal training delivery
• Team buildings for each project team and corporate events
And much more!

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Старый 05.09.2012, 16:45
Аватар для ksa
ksa ksa вне форума
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Про суммы опять ни слова...
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Про суммы опять ни слова...
Зато на английском!
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Сообщение от Anastasiia_Ch
хорошее название
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Это очень даже большая оутсорсинговая компания из Украины.
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