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[Hiring] JavaScript Developer - relocation to Berlin, Germany
JavaScript Developer

Visa sponsorship and relocation support

RELOCATION: to Berlin, Germany

As our new JavaScript Developer you will need to have:

At least 3+ to 5 years experience in Full-Stack. In Front-end (JS: Angular.js, React) and Back-end (Node.js) + some automated testing experience (unit testing, junit, automated testing frameworks like TDD / BDD
PASSION for tech; it’s something many companies speak about, but at our Company, we put those words into action! We were one of the earliest startups in Berlin from the ‘new wave’ of tech startups. In fact, we’re practically startup royalty - successful (and profitable) with fun plans for expansion.

What Type of JavaScriptDeveloper we're Looking For?

You will be an expert in building highly scalable and maintainable JavaScript applications.
We typically look for developers who also feel comfortable writing tests, adding to a continuous deployment script.
You care about time to first byte, rendering performance, delightful user experiences and how to makeweb sites accessible and usable for everyone.
Test-driven, clean-code, continuously deployed and all the lovely stuff that's involved with automatically testing defines you as a great developer.
Let us be explicit; you will write your own tests. You also may be an expert on thinking critically about potential flaws, and are able to teach others on this subject. You have depth of experience, but are open to being more broad too. For example, our Java developers learn from the Javascript experts, and vice versa. Having a desire to expand and master something new means you're a good fit for us.


Super smart, dynamic, international team members. Highly skilled people striving for results; professional but with a fantastic sense of humour.
A competitive salary, great benefits and an excellent working environment.
Berlin startup amenities, such as nice laptops, and great office facilities
An opportunity to build a platform which is used by millions in many, many countries that help people find their soul mate.

Here’s a Bunch of Cool Tech We Are Currently Using

Some tech includes: Postgres, Spring Boot, node.js, Spinnaker (and Eureka, Zuul), git, Bower, Gulp, npm, Vagrant,

Babel, Browser-sync, webpack, BrowserSync, SASS, JS, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML, Angular.js or React (TypeScript,

Polymer and GreenSock). We run both on cloud (AWS) and our owninfra right now.
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В романоязычную страну, в лучшем случае с школьным знанием дойча или энглиша, да еще и с чувством юмора. Фантазия украинцев безгранична. хах
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