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Старый 10.10.2022, 11:54
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Is JavaScript IDE Really helpful for Web Design ?
Hi this is Palak Sharma
I am an engineering student. Lots of programming languages I am learning here. JavaScript is one of my favorite programming, however I am initial phase of learning . Well I have taken a project of developing a website and for making it more dynamic and interactive I want to use JavaScript. However I am not too much good in JavaScript, one of my team member suggest me that I should use JavaScript IDE's which will help me on this. However I am not aware about it how it will actually work and what kind of IDE's are there that I can use. Is it really helpful ?
Can anyone give their suggestions on this, would be a great support in this regards.
Hoping for some positive responses.
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Старый 10.10.2022, 15:03
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I don't think that IDE can help you if you're in initial stage of learning a language.
Many IDEs have a trial or a student versions, you can try to use them for free and decide helpful it for you or not.
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