JavaScript and Ajax Visual QuickStart Guide

Язык: Английский
Год публикации: 2006
Автор(ы): Tom Negrino, Dori Smith
Страниц: 512

Краткое содержание
  • Getting Acquainted with JavaScript
  • Start Me Up!
  • Language Essentials
  • Working with Images
  • Frames, Frames, and More Frames
  • Working with Browser Windows
  • Form Handling
  • Forms and Regular Expressions
  • Handling Events
  • JavaScript and Cookies
  • Introducing CSS
  • Objects and the DOM
  • Making Your Pages Dynamic
  • Applied JavaScript
  • Introducing Ajax
  • Ajax Toolkits
  • Bookmarklets
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Полное содержание
  • Getting Acquainted with JavaScript
    • What JavaScript Is
    • JavaScript Isn't Java
    • Where JavaScript Came From
    • What JavaScript Can Do
    • What JavaScript Can't Do
    • What Is Ajax?
    • The Snap-Together Language
    • Handling Events
    • Values and Variables
    • Assignments and Comparisons
    • Writing JavaScript-Friendly HTML
    • What Tools to Use?
  • Start Me Up!
    • Where to Put Your Scripts
    • About Functions
    • Using External Scripts
    • Putting Comments in Scripts
    • Alerting the User
    • Confirming a User's Choice
    • Prompting the User
    • Redirecting the User with a Link
    • Using JavaScript to Enhance Links
    • Working with Referrer Pages
  • Language Essentials
    • Around and Around with Loops
    • Passing a Value to a Function
    • Detecting Objects
    • Working with Arrays
    • Working with Functions That Return Values
    • Updating Arrays
    • Using Do/While Loops
    • Calling Scripts Multiple Ways
    • Using Multi-level Conditionals
    • Handling Errors
  • Working with Images
    • Creating Rollovers
    • Creating More Effective Rollovers
    • Building Three-State Rollovers
    • Triggering Rollovers from a Link
    • Making Multiple Links Change a Single Rollover
    • Working with Multiple Rollovers
    • Creating Cycling Banners
    • Adding Links to Cycling Banners
    • Building Wraparound Slideshows
    • Displaying a Random Image
    • Cycling Images with a Random Start
  • Frames, Frames, and More Frames
    • Keeping a Page out of a Frame
    • Forcing a Page into a Frame
    • Forcing a Site into a Frame
    • Setting a Target
    • Creating and Loading a Dynamic Frame
    • Sharing Functions between Frames
    • Storing Information in Frames
    • Loading Multiple Frames at Once
    • Working with Iframes
    • Loading Iframes with JavaScript
  • Working with Browser Windows
    • Opening a New Window
    • Loading Different Contents into a Window
    • Opening Multiple Windows
    • Opening Multiple Windows Simultaneously
    • Updating One Window from Another
    • Creating New Pages with JavaScript
    • Closing a Window
    • Opening Windows in a Specified Location
    • Moving Windows to a Specified Location
  • Form Handling
    • Select-and-Go Navigation
    • Changing Menus Dynamically
    • Making Fields Required
    • Checking Fields against Each Other
    • Identifying Problem Fields
    • Putting Form Validation into Action
    • Working with Radio Buttons
    • Setting One Field with Another
    • Validating Zip Codes
    • Validating Email Addresses
  • Forms and Regular Expressions
    • Validating an Email Address with Regular Expressions
    • Validating a File Name
    • Extracting Strings
    • Formatting Strings
    • Formatting and Sorting Strings
    • Formatting and Validating Strings
    • Replacing Elements using Regular Expressions
  • Handling Events
    • Handling Window Events
    • Mouse Event Handling
    • Form Event Handling
    • Key Event Handling
  • JavaScript and Cookies
    • Baking Your First Cookie
    • Reading a Cookie
    • Showing Your Cookies
    • Using Cookies as Counters
    • Deleting Cookies
    • Handling Multiple Cookies
    • Displaying "New to You" Messages
  • Introducing CSS
    • Saying It with Style
    • Styles with Class
    • Changing Fonts with CSS
    • Checking Your ID
    • Distinguished Links
    • Embedding Styles in Styles
    • Adding Background Images
    • Positioning Absolutely
  • Objects and the DOM
    • About Node Manipulation
    • Adding Nodes
    • Deleting Nodes
    • Deleting Specific Nodes
    • Inserting Nodes
    • Replacing Nodes
  • Making Your Pages Dynamic
    • Putting the Current Date into a Web Page
    • Working with Days
    • Customizing a Message for the Time of Day
    • Displaying Dates by Time Zone
    • Converting Military Time to A.M./P.M.
    • Creating a Countdown
    • Moving an Object in the Document
    • Date Methods
  • Applied JavaScript
    • Using Sliding Menus
    • Adding Pull-Down Menus
    • A Slideshow with Captions
    • A Silly Name Generator
    • A Bar Graph Generator
    • Style Sheet Switcher
  • Introducing Ajax
    • Ajax: Pinning It Down
    • Reading Server Data
    • Parsing Server Data
    • Refreshing Server Data
    • Previewing Links with Ajax
    • Auto-Completing Form Fields
  • Ajax Toolkits
    • Dragging and Dropping Page Elements
    • Adding a Calendar to Your Page
    • Adding a 2-up Calendar to Your Page
    • Using the Container Utility
    • Adding Animation Effects
    • Implementing the Logger Control for Debugging
  • Bookmarklets
    • Your First Bookmarklet
    • Changing a Page's Background Color
    • Changing a Page's Styles
    • Web-safe Colors
    • Word Lookups
    • Viewing Images
    • Displaying ISO Latin Characters
    • Converting RGB Values to Hex
    • Converting Values
    • A Bookmarklet Calculator
    • Validating Pages
    • Appendix A. JavaScript Genealogy and Reference
    • JavaScript Versions
    • ECMAScript
    • Browsers and JavaScript
    • Object Flowchart
    • The Big Object Table
    • Appendix B. JavaScript Reserved Words
    • Appendix C. Cascading Style Sheets Reference
    • Appendix D. Where to Learn More
    • Finding Help on the Web
    • Books

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