Pro Apache Struts with Ajax

Язык: Английский
Год публикации: 2006
Автор(ы): J.Carnell, R.Harrop
Страниц: 502

Краткое содержание
  • What We Do Wrong: Web Antipatterns Explained
  • Struts Fundamentals
  • Form Presentation and Validation with Struts
  • Managing Business Logic with Struts
  • Architecting the Data Access Tier with ObjectRelationalBridge
  • Building Flexible Front-Ends with the Tiles Framework
  • Dynamic Forms and the Struts Validator Framework
  • Speeding Struts Development with XDoclet
  • Logging and Debugging
  • Velocity Template Engine
  • Extending the Struts Framework
  • Struts and Ajax
  • APPENDIX A JavaEdge Setup and Installation
  • APPENDIX B Struts Development Tools
  • APPENDIX C Struts and Strecks
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Полное содержание
  • What We Do Wrong: Web Antipatterns Explained
    • What This Book Is About
    • What This Chapter Is About
    • Challenges of Web Application Development
      • Enterprise Services
      • Application Services
    • An Introduction to Patterns and Antipatterns
      • Web Application Antipatterns
      • Concern Slush
      • Tier Leakage
      • Hardwired
      • Validation Confusion
      • Tight-Skins
      • Data Madness
    • Antipatterns, JOS Frameworks, and Economics
      • The JavaEdge Application
      • Summary
  • Struts Fundamentals
    • The JavaEdge Application Architecture
      • The Design
      • Using Struts to Implement the MVC Pattern
      • Getting Started: The JavaEdge Source Tree
      • The Power of the Command Pattern
    • Constructing the Presentation Tier
      • The JavaEdge Home Page
      • Bean Tags
      • Logic Tags
      • Iteration Tags
      • Conditional Tags
      • Movement Tags
  • Form Presentation and Validation with Struts
    • Problems with Form Validation
    • Using Struts for Form Validation
    • Implementing Form Validation with Struts
      • The struts-config.xml File
      • Struts ActionForm Class
      • Prepopulating an ActionForm with Data
      • Another Technique for Prepopulation
      • Prepopulating a Form the Correct Way
      • Validating the Form Data
    • The Struts HTML Tag Library
      • Setting Up a Struts HTML Form
      • Using Text and TextArea Input Fields
      • Drop-Down Lists, Checkboxes, and Radio Buttons
      • Building More Dynamic ActionForms
      • ActionForms and Business Logic
    • Summary
  • Managing Business Logic with Struts
    • Business Logic Antipatterns and Struts
      • Concern Slush and Struts
      • Tier Leakage and Struts
      • Separating Business Logic from Struts
    • Implementing the Design Patterns
      • Implementing the Business Delegate Pattern
      • Implementing the Service Locator Pattern
      • The Service Locator Revisited
      • EJBs and Struts
    • Handling Exceptions in the Action Class
      • Exception Handling in Struts 1.0.x
      • Exception Handling in Struts 1.1 and Later
      • Rewriting the ApplicationException Class
      • Setting Up the struts-config.xml File
      • Writing a Custom ExceptionHandler
    • Summary
  • Architecting the Data Access Tier with ObjectRelationalBridge
    • Developing a Data Access Strategy
      • The JavaEdge Data Access Model
      • The JavaEdge Value Objects
      • Using an O/R Mapping Tool
      • Setting Up the Object/Relational Mappings
      • Which Sequence Manager to Use?
    • OJB in Action
      • Retrieving Data: A Simple Example
      • Retrieving Data: A More Complicated Example
      • Storing Data Using OJB
      • Deleting Data with OJB
    • Bringing It All Together
    • Summary
  • Building Flexible Front-Ends with the Tiles Framework
    • What Is the Tiles Framework?
    • Enabling Struts Version 1.1 to Use Tiles
      • Configuring the Tiles Plug-In
      • The tiles-defs.xml File
      • Adding the Tiles TLDs
      • Your First Tiles Template
    • What Are Tiles Definitions?
    • Tiles Definitions: A JSP-Based Approach
      • Overriding the Attribute Values in a Tiles Definition
      • Using Dummy Values in Your Tiles Definition
      • Disadvantages of JSP Tiles Definitions
      • Anatomy of the tiles-defs.xml File
      • Inheritance Using Tiles Definitions
      • Extending a Tiles Definition
      • Modifying the template.jsp File
      • Adding the New Definition to tiles-defs.xml
      • Modifying the .homePage Definition
    • Mapping Tiles Definitions to Action Forwards
    • Summary
  • Dynamic Forms and the Struts Validator Framework
    • Introducing Dynamic Forms
      • Defining the postStoryForm Struts Form Bean
      • Writing the Implementation
      • Some Thoughts About BeanUtils and the Preceding Code
    • The Jakarta Commons Validator Framework
      • Validator Framework Setup
      • Implementing the Required Fields Validation
      • The maxlength Validation Rule
    • Use the Validator Framework Within an ActionForm Class
      • Writing Your Own Validation Rules
      • Implementing the Vulgarity Rule
      • Adding the Vulgarity Rule to the validator-rules.xml File
      • Struts Validation and Potential Long-Term Consequences
      • Implementing the Vulgarity Rule in a Form
      • An ActionForm Without Java
      • When to Use the Validator Framework
    • Summary
  • Speeding Struts Development with XDoclet
    • Installing XDoclet
    • What Exactly Is XDoclet?
      • From XDoclet to Source, and All the Steps in Between
      • The Available XDoclet Tags
      • Anatomy of an XDoclet Tag
    • Integrating Ant and XDoclet
      • Using Merge Points
    • XDoclet and Struts
      • Declaring Struts Form Beans
      • Declaring Struts Actions
      • XDoclet and Java Inheritance
      • Declaring Application Exceptions
      • Building struts-config.xml Using <webdoclet..../>
      • XDoclets and the Validator Framework
      • Generating the Validator Tags from Ant
    • Summary
  • Logging and Debugging
    • Why Use Logging?
      • Log Message Levels
    • Simple Web Application Logging
      • Logging with ServletContext
      • Using Commons Logging
    • The Java 1.4 Logging API
      • Apache log4j
      • Using log4j with Commons Logging
      • Log Inheritance
      • Logging Performance
      • Logging Best Practices
      • JBoss and log4j
      • Integrating Logging into JavaEdge
      • Logging in the Web Tier
      • Debugging Struts Applications Using JBoss and Eclipse
      • Debugging the JavaEdge Application
      • Hot-Deploy
      • Debugging the Struts Framework
  • Velocity Template Engine
    • What Is a Template Engine?
    • Getting Started
      • Velocity and VelocityContext Classes
      • Velocity Template Language
      • Accessing Variables
      • Variable Values
      • JavaBean Properties
      • Arithmetic
      • Directives
      • Macros
      • Struts and Velocity
      • VelocityTools
    • Struts and Velocity
    • Best Practices for Velocity Use
      • Know When to Use #parse and When to Use #include
      • Use JavaBean Property Names
  • Extending the Struts Framework
    • Extending Action and ActionForm
      • Providing Common Services to Your Actions
      • Hooking into the Action Execution
    • Extending RequestProcessor
      • Building a RequestProcessor
      • Using RequestProcessor Instead of Filter
      • Verifying Host Access with RequestProcessor
    • Creating Configuration Beans
      • Building the JavaEdgeActionMapping
    • Revisiting RequestProcessor
    • Building a Plug-In
      • Newsletter Service Basics
      • NewsletterManager
      • NewsletterTask
      • NewsletterPlugIn
      • Configuring the Plug-In
    • Summary
  • Struts and Ajax
    • Ajax Dissected
      • Ajax on Google
      • Ajax on Yahoo
    • Where Should I Use Ajax?
      • Ajax and Web 2.0
      • Ajax and SOA
    • Ajax Internals
      • Ajax Request-Response Cycle
      • XMLHttpRequest Object
    • Ajax and Struts in Action
      • Cities.jsp
      • GetCitiesNamesAction
      • CitiesDAO
    • Summary
  • APPENDIX A JavaEdge Setup and Installation
    • Environment Setup
      • Installing MySQL
      • Installing JBoss
      • Installing Apache Ant
      • Obtaining the JavaEdge Code and Dependencies
      • Installing the JavaEdge Database
      • Building JavaEdge
      • Deploying JavaEdge
    • Summary
  • APPENDIX B Struts Development Tools
    • Eclipse
      • Eclipse Summary
      • Eclipse Next Step
    • NetBeans
      • JSP, HTML, XML, and DTD Editors
      • In-Process Tomcat Server
      • NetBeans Summary
      • NetBeans Next Step
    • IBM WebSphere
      • Creating a Struts Project
      • Managing Configuration
      • Creating Actions and ActionForms
      • Web Diagrams
      • WebSphere Summary
      • WebSphere Next Step
    • Borland JBuilder 2006
      • Web Projects
      • Configuration File Editor
      • JSP Editor
      • UML Designer
      • JavaDoc Preview
      • Action Designer
      • JBuilder Summary
      • JBuilder Next Step
    • Struts Console
      • Getting Started
      • Editing the Struts Configuration File
      • Editing Other Configuration Files
      • Struts Console Summary
      • Struts Console Next Step
    • Exadel Studio
      • Struts Projects
      • Configuration File Editors
      • XML Editor
      • JSP Editor
      • Web Flow Designer
      • Exadel Studio Summary
      • Exadel Studio Next Step
    • XDoclet
    • Apache JMeter
      • Getting Started
      • Features
      • Creating a Sample Test
      • JMeter Summary
      • JMeter Next Step
  • APPENDIX C Struts and Strecks
    • Using Strecks
      • @Controller and @ActionInterface
      • @NavigateForward
      • @BindSimple and @ValidateRequired
    • What You Can Do with Strecks
    • Is Strecks for Me?

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Delve into the intricacies of web development pitfalls with this insightful content. From Concern Slush to Data Madness, it explores common challenges like Tier Leakage and Validation Confusion. Through integration of frameworks like Struts and discussions on architectural patterns, it offers practical strategies for improvement. A concise yet comprehensive guide, perfect for developers seeking to enhance their web application design skills.

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