PHP-функция: array_change_key_case


var CASE_LOWER = 0;var CASE_UPPER = 1;
function array_change_key_case(array) {
	// Changes all keys in an array
	// +   original by: Ates Goral (
	// +   improved by: marrtins

	var case_fn, tmp_ar = new Object, argc = arguments.length, argv = arguments, key;

	if (array instanceof Array) {
		return array;

	if (array instanceof Object) {
		if( argc == 1 || argv[1] == 'CASE_LOWER' || argv[1] == 0 || ( CASE_LOWER && arguments[1] == CASE_LOWER ) ){
			case_fn = "toLowerCase";
		} else{
			case_fn = "toUpperCase";
		for (var key in array) {
			tmp_ar[key[case_fn]()] = array[key];
		return tmp_ar;

	return false;



array_change_key_case([ 3, 5 ]);
{0: 3, 1: 5}

array_change_key_case({ FuBaR: 42 });
{"fubar": 42}

array_change_key_case({ FuBaR: 42 }, CASE_LOWER);
{"fubar": 42}

array_change_key_case({ FuBaR: 42 }, CASE_UPPER);
{"FUBAR": 42}

array_change_key_case({ FuBaR: 42 }, 2);
{"FUBAR": 42}

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