Beginning Javascript with Dom Scripting and Ajax

Язык: Английский
Год публикации: 2006
Автор(ы): Christian Heilmann
Страниц: 512

Краткое содержание
  • Getting Started with JavaScript
  • Data and Decisions
  • From DHTML to DOM Scripting
  • HTML and JavaScript
  • Presentation and Behavior (CSS and Event Handling)
  • Common Uses of JavaScript: Images and Windows
  • JavaScript and User Interaction: Navigation and Forms
  • Back-End Interaction with Ajax
  • Data Validation Techniques
  • Modern JavaScript Case Study: A Dynamic Gallery
  • Using Third-Party JavaScript
  • APPENDIX. Debugging JavaScript
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Полное содержание
  • Getting Started with JavaScript
    • The Why of JavaScript
    • What Is JavaScript?
    • Problems and Merits of JavaScript
    • Why Use JavaScript If It Cannot Be Relied On?
    • JavaScript in a Web Page and Essential Syntax
      • JavaScript Syntax
      • Code Execution
      • An Aside About Functions
    • Objects
    • Simple JavaScript Example
    • Summary
  • Data and Decisions
    • Data, Data Types, and Data Operators
      • The String Data Type
      • Operators
      • JavaScript Variables
      • Converting Different Types of Data
    • The Composite Data Types: Array and Object
      • Objects JavaScript Supplies You with: String, Date and Math
    • Arrays
      • The Array Object's Methods and Properties
    • Making Decisions in JavaScript
      • The Logical and Comparison Operators
      • Conditional Statements
      • Testing Multiple Values: the switch Statement
      • Repeating Things: Loops
    • Summary
  • From DHTML to DOM Scripting
    • JavaScript As "the Behavior Layer"
      • Object Detection vs. Browser Dependence
      • Progressive Enhancement
    • JavaScript and Accessibility
    • Good Coding Practices
      • Naming Conventions
      • Code Layout
      • Commenting
      • Functions
      • Short Code via Ternary Operator
      • Sorting and Reuse of Functions
      • Variable and Function Scope
      • Keeping Scripts Safe with the Object Literal
    • Summary
  • HTML and JavaScript
    • The Anatomy of an HTML Document
    • Providing Feedback in Web Pages via JavaScript: The Old School Ways
      • Using window Methods: prompt(), alert() and confirm()
    • Accessing the Document via the DOM
    • Of Children, Parents, Siblings, and Values
      • From the Parents to the Children
      • From the Children to the Parents
      • Among Siblings
    • Changing Attributes of Elements
    • Creating, Removing, and Replacing Elements
      • Avoiding NOSCRIPT
      • Shortening Your Scripts via InnerHTML
      • DOM Summary: Your Cheat Sheet
      • DOMhelp: Our Own Helper Library
    • Summary
  • Presentation and Behavior (CSS and Event Handling)
    • Changing the Presentation Layer via JavaScript
      • Helping the CSS Designer
    • Changing the Document's Behavior via Event Handling
      • Events in the W3C-Compliant World
      • Fixing Events for the Non-W3C-Compliant World
      • Never Stop Optimizing
      • The Ugly Page Load Problem and Its Ugly Solutions
      • Reading and Filtering Keyboard Entries
      • The Dangers of Event Handling
    • Summary
  • Common Uses of JavaScript: Images and Windows
    • Images and JavaScript
      • Basics of Image Scripting
      • Preloading Images
      • Rollover Effects
      • Slide Shows
      • Summary of Images and JavaScript
    • Windows and JavaScript
      • Window Properties
      • Window Methods
      • Summary: Windows and JavaScript
    • Summary
  • JavaScript and User Interaction: Navigation and Forms
    • Navigation and JavaScript
      • The Fear of the Page Reload
      • Basics of Navigation and JavaScript
      • Browser Navigation
      • In-Page Navigation
      • Site Navigation
      • Pagination
      • Summary of Navigation with JavaScript
    • Forms and JavaScript
      • Basics of Forms with JavaScript
      • Form Elements
      • Interactive Forms: Hiding and Showing Dependent Elements
      • Custom Form Elements
      • Summary of Forms and JavaScript
    • Summary
  • Back-End Interaction with Ajax
    • Household Cleaning Liquid, Football Club, or Flash Gordon's
      • Spacecraft: What Is Ajax?
    • Et Tu, Cache?
    • Putting the X Back into Ajax
      • Replacing XML with JSON
      • Using Server-Side Scripts to Reach Third-Party Content
      • XHR on Slow Connections
      • A Larger Ajax Example: Connected Select Boxes
      • Optional Dynamic Ajax Menus
    • Summary
  • Data Validation Techniques
    • Pros and Cons of Client-Side JavaScript Validation
    • A Quick Reminder About Protecting Content with JavaScript
    • The One-Size-Fits-All Validation Myth
    • Basic JavaScript Validation with String and Numeric Methods
      • String Validation Methods
      • Numeric Validation Methods
    • Regular Expressions
      • Syntax and Attributes
      • Wildcard Searches, Constraining Scope, and Alternatives
      • Restricting the Number of Characters with Quantifiers
      • Word Boundaries, Whitespace, and Other Shortcuts
      • Methods Using Regular Expressions
      • The Power of Parenthesis Grouping
      • Regular Expression Resources
    • Summary of Validation Methods
    • Form Validation Techniques
      • Designating Mandatory Fields
      • The Hidden Field Method
      • The Indicator Element Method
      • The CSS Classes Method
      • The Custom Attribute Method
      • Failures of These Methods
      • Sharing Validation Rules
    • Giving Users Validation Feedback
      • Showing a List of Erroneous Fields
      • Replacing the Main Form with a Clickable Error Message
      • Highlighting Erroneous Fields Individually
      • Instant Validation Feedback
    • Other Dynamic Validation Methods
    • Summary
  • Modern JavaScript Case Study: A Dynamic Gallery
    • Basics of Thumbnail Galleries
    • What Is a Thumbnail Gallery and What Should It Do?
    • Static Thumbnail Galleries
    • Faking Dynamic Galleries with JavaScript
    • Displaying Captions
    • Dynamic Thumbnail Galleries
    • Creating an Image Badge from a Folder
    • Summary
  • Using Third-Party JavaScript
    • What the Web Offers You
    • Code Snippets, RSS Feeds, APIs, and Libraries
      • RSS Feeds and REST APIs
      • Examples of REST APIs
    • Using a Library: Short, Shorter, jQuery
      • Dangers of jQuery and Other Libraries Using Their Own Syntax
    • Using an API: Adding a Map to Your Site with Google Maps
    • Full Service: The Yahoo Developer Network and User
      • Interface Library
      • Bouncy Headlines Using YUI
      • Replacing Pop-Up Windows Using the YUI Connection Manager and Container Components
      • Yahoo User Interface Library Summary
    • Summary
  • APPENDIX. Debugging JavaScript
    • Common JavaScript Mistakes
      • Misspellings and Case-Sensitivity Issues
      • Trying to Access Undefined Variables
      • Incorrect Number of Closing Braces and Parentheses
      • Concatenation Gone Wrong
      • Assigning Instead of Testing the Value of a Variable
    • Tracing Errors with alert() and "Console" Elements
    • Error Handling with try and catch()
    • Sequential Uncommenting
    • Error Reporting in Browsers
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
      • Safari
      • Opera 8.5
      • Firefox 1
    • JSLint and JSUNIT
    • Summary

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